I arrived at the club lake in darkness on the Friday night and it was surprisingly busy, so after a brief look around I chose a swim that controls a lot of water as well as a roped off area which the fish can often be found behind as it offers both cover and sanctuary.

The night passed by quietly, so i got up early on the Saturday morning, choosing to spend my time looking for signs of movement, intently watching the water. After seeing an area of fizzing at the opposite end of the lake, I decided to make the move. Upon arrival in the swim I baited a spot with twenty or so Live System boilies glazed in Response+ Cream fairly close in and flicked out a matching cork ball hookbait over the top with the other two rods fished on singles toward the area that the fish seemed to be fizzing up.

Early morning came and to my suprise the close-in, cork ball rod was away, resulting in a nice 18lb 2oz common. The rod was quickly flicked back out on to the spot, just in case there were a couple more still in the area. After watching over the water around 9am, again I saw a small area of fizzing so I wound in the rod closer in armed with a cork ball pop-up and re-cast 10yrds past the fizzing, reeling back to roughly where the fizzers were occurring, and within two minutes, just as I was setting the bobbin, it was away! It was another common, this one a little smaller though at 14lb. Again, I quickly re0cast back to the same spot and two hours later it was away again, this time a mirror of 16lb was laying in the folds of the net. Unfortunately that was the last of the action I had, but I wasn't half glad that I kept on my toes and watched the water like a hawk, if I hadn't have used a bit of watercraft and been lazy by not making the decision to move on to what i'd seen I reckon it'd have been another blank session under my belt.

Until next time.