Well, where do I start? James has been asking for a blog for months, but if I am honest, I felt that I didn't have enough material (or carp) to do one. It's not for the lack of trying I can tell you! Then it hit me and I made the call to James to let him know I'll be doing my blog, but from now on my blogs are going to be just that, come rain or shine, win or lose, it’s just going to be about what I’ve been up to, pulling no punches and letting you all know exactly what turmoil I’ve been in on the bank and what a good craic I’ve had along the way with some good mates. All being well, there will also be a good few to fish too (fingers crossed).


So, what have I been up to you ask? Well, I have been trying my best to get settled into my fishing, which if I'm totally honest I'm finding it hard to get into a routine. I hate it when I feel like this, as it normally means that I drive around local waters trying to pinch a bite or two here and there, not actually settling on a particular water and ending up spreading myself a little thin. The only thing is, my local area isn't the best for carp fishing, so all in all it's been a waste of time, apart from the odd winter social session with friends, which to be fair are always a good laugh.


I did join a winter ticket an hour and half from home, which is very nice and I did manage a few from there on my first trip, but with my luck being the way it is we've ended up having a really cold winter and the lake has either fished absolutely pants or it was frozen on the days that I could actually get down to it. My first session on there seemed like a dream with five bites resulting in four fish to mid-doubles. I'm just looking forward to getting back down there in the spring now.


Which leads me to more recent times. We are well into the new year and it's starting to feel like spring, which is one of my favourite times to get the rods out. I've done a few quick days recently fishing off the barrow, one of which was a feature for Total Carp magazine. Myself and James headed out for the day and although the fish were playing hard to get I managed two for my troubles and with a very bleak and chilly day spent drinking tea and moving around the lake it was nice to sit and relax for lunch and talk about what we both had planned on the fishing front for the year ahead, it was made even better thanks to Kirsty, James’ Missus, cooking us up a tasty chilli the night before, which warmed our bellies on a cold day, though it didn’t warm James’ feet as he managed a slip on the edge of the bank and went in over his wellies, I’m just sorry to say I was too busy laughing that I didn’t get pictures. With the feature done and two fish to the good I was more than happy. I went to another different water the next time out, still opting to fish the mobile approach off of the barrow and I managed ten fish over my next two day sessions. Nothing big, but it's good to know that the rigs and bait are doing their job and that my watercraft has been spot on, the slightest signs of fish life and i've moved on to them.


Now all I need to do is get on some waters this year with some decent kippers in. I've got a couple of places in mind and hopefully I'll be showing you more as the year goes on. Anyway, I think it's time that I got the kettle on and started to give the gear a spring clean.


Catch you next time.