In advance of my session I spent the Friday evening until dark watching the pit to get an idea of where the fish were and where they may be heading. The fish were showing on the shallower, weedier side of the lake, so Saturday morning I had a great idea of where to set up and luckily a swim up from where they were showing came free so without hesitation I jumped straight in there!


After a very good lead around I found a gravel area which had a nice varied depth at around 120 yards in amongst a lot of weed. After a couple of hours I had the rods out in the zone, the Propel was utilised to get a bit of bait on the spot too, as I baited with around a kilo and a half of XXX boilie glugged in Pre Digested Fish and Liquid GLM Extract.

After around half an hour the rods were wiped out completely by a large floating weed bed drifting through the swim so I wound them in, prepped everything back up and set about getting them back out to the spot. This was not an easy task as the wind had now picked up and more weed was drifting through the swim, so it took me the rest of the day to get sorted.

Eventually I got them back out and opted to put two rods slightly deeper and one rod up on the shallower area of the spot. Through the night and the following morning the wind was consistent and kept the ripped up weed blowing through my swim to the point that it was getting caught around the lines even while using back leads, obviously this made me paranoid that the leads could be moving off the spot. I was considering a recast on the middle rod as this was the worst effected and I was worried it wasn't fishing 100% efficiently and as I internded but then I realised that the weed was now caught up on all three lines. This meant that if I wound one rod in, it would drag all three in, so I took the risk and left it as I knew at least one, or even two of the rigs were still 100% presented and I didn't have long left of my session.


To my surprise at around 12:30 the middle rod, that I thought was a write-off, gave 2 fast, but short indications in amongst the wind and weed beeping all morning so I hit into it and it immediately felt like I was towing in nothing but a huge amount of weed, I went steady though, just in case. I was wrong and as the weed got within 40 yards of the bank my knees began to shake as I saw the clumps of weed part slightly and I could make out a huge set of shoulders emerging, so I shouted a mate who was in the next swim up and thankfully he got in the waders, grabbed the net and bundled the fish and weed into the mesh, I was buzzing!!

We peered into the net and as he pulled back some of the weed I instantly knew what fish it was, one of the pits gems, the Half Lin. We got weighed and the needle went and settled on a massive 45lb 3oz, which is a new personal best for me, we got some really nice shots and sent her on her way again! Absolutely made up is an understatement, it's definitely a capture that will stayed etched in my memory for life.