Bio: After catching my first carp in 1987, the obsession has never left and to this day I still get a massive buzz from whatever angling I’m lucky enough to be doing at the time. Despite a hectic work and family life, I try to always get out and fish once a week, whatever the weather, whether that be a day session or a quick night, it keeps the fire burning and the hunting instincts in check. I prefer to fish larger venues, often those with a decent stock of fish, whereby catching on every session is a realistic aim. I love an aggressive baiting approach where you really can make it happen by drawing fish into my swim with the lure of a decent meal. I’ve never been target fish driven and if a bigger fish comes along, then that’s great, but it’s certainly not essential. I always try to sneak in a week in France each year where the wine and cheese & socialising is of equal importance to the fishing. I’ve had a huge amount of fun during the past year filming and editing my BullCam diary series – incidentally the Bull nickname was derived from my "Bull in a China shop" demeanour.


Hometown: Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

Occupation: Sales & Marketing Director.

UK PB: 49lb 2oz.

EU PB: 66lb 8oz.

Favourite Venue:  Anywhere I’m fortunate enough to be fishing now!

Favourite Cygnet Product: Easylift Weigh Staff, 20/20 Sticks & Bars.