Bio: I caught the angling bug at four years old, when the trio of my Dad, Grandad and Uncle introduced me to the sport. I remember this day like it was yesterday, with the pole float dipping and me striking the four-metre whip like I was hooking into a great white, only for the poor 6oz roach to catapulted from the water and onto the bank. From that moment I was hooked for life and couldn’t get enough.

I grew up and into my teens, found myself match fishing for several different angling clubs, when I eventually turned my attention solely to carp fishing around 98/99. I started off fishing small day ticket lakes and club waters before moving further afield and targeting larger, more daunting waters in the hope of catching some huge, gnarly old carp. Over the years, my angling style has changed somewhat, from doing longer sessions and fishing over huge heaps of bait, to shorter, day or overnight sessions, and not casting out until I see a fish or two show. I love doing both styles of angling and whichever style it may be, as long as the angling bug is fed, on a regular occurrence, then that will do for me.


Hometown: Sheffield
Occupation: Product Designer
UK PB: 51lb 8oz

EU PB: 53lb 10oz
Favourite Venue: The lake i'm targeting at the time
Favourite Product: Green Clinga Dumpy bobbins and Isolites - They're the nuts!