Bio: My angling started as a youngster on local park lakes and my local River Don for anything that would pull my float under and this is how I spent most days of the summer holidays. On one particular park lake there were a few carp that could always be seen basking on the sunny days, so, armed with a single cheap carp rod to put out while I float fished along with some recent tricks i'd acquired from an uncle, which included tying a Hair rig and arranging a Helicopter set-up I was all set, along with some Mulberry boilies that he gave me. That day I landed my first carp out of the park lake, it wasa good one too, a 16lb common. The following Saturday I managed a 12lb-er, my big regret is not having a camera back then and it was before camera phones, the pond is tricky now but a few of those carp are 30lb plus nearly 20-years on! Over the next few years I got really got into carp fishing, especially after I passed my driving test and I could travel, it took a good number of years until I caught my first twenty, but in 2005 I managed it out of a local country park, it was the biggest fish in there at the time at 22lb 4oz. I've travelled a bit for my carp fishing but most of my best memories are local ones where I was lucky enough to have some good fishing on quiet waters at the time, but nothing lasts forever in fishing and places got busy, with this I drifted away from carp fishing, other than the odd session in spring.
For years i'd alwasy gone pike fishing through the winter months, there's something really special about being out at day-break on a chilly winter day, baits in the water, waiting for a pike to come along. I began enjoying my pike fishing more and more each year, until my winter began to start in September and end in April, I was full-on pike obsessed, the banks are quieter at those times making great for that bit of solitude. To catch good pike consistently is hard work, as they're not ten-a-penny, so it's challenging Most of my good pike have come from rivers drains and canals, these are my favourite types of water as there's a bit of mystery with regard to many of them being an unknown quantity with some un-tapped potential.
Now-a-days I like to fish for multiple species throughout the calendar year, hopefully of specimen sizes. I enjoy the variety as it keeps things feeling fresh while always learning new techniques and methods, I have a young family too, so fishing is fitted in around them, but luckily my Mrs is one of the good ones and I manage to get out most weeks fishing for something. 


Hometown: Sheffield
Occupation: Fabricator / Welder

Carp - 29lb 14oz

Pike - 28lb 12oz

Rudd - 2lb 12oz

Bream - 13lb 14oz

Perch - 3lb 15oz

Chub - 6lb 2oz 

Barbel - 14lb 

Skate - 105lb

Favourite Venue: Any under-fished stretch of the mighty River Trent
Favourite Cygnet Product: Baiting Pole and Specialist Screw Point Storm Poles