Bio: I was introduced to coarse fishing at an early age and some of the happiest memories of my childhood were times spent fishing local farm ponds and park lakes with my dad, meticulously preparing our tackle and bait and formulating plans the night before, then the excitement of getting to the pond for first light and watching the natural world wake up. I’d be so excited to get fishing I’d usually forgo the boring plumbing nonsense my dad used to try to drill into me and just guess the depth, and spend the next couple of hours watching a masterclass from Hesketh Sr, until he’d take pity on me and sort my gear out!

Fishing kind of drifted from my consciousness for 5 or 6 years as the female of the species and being old enough to go drinking drifted in, and by the time the flame was re-lit whilst spending an unplanned afternoon catching tiny catfish with a pal on a family holiday to France, I had a mortgage, a girlfriend, a beautiful daughter and 2 jobs to consider. However, the flame was not for dying and I started accumulating gear and magazines at a rate of knots, my head awash with rigs and baits I didn’t understand and images of fish, specifically carp, at sizes I couldn’t believe!   

Over the last 15 years or so, fishing has just grown and grown in my life. It spawned my interest in another great passion in my life, photography, and is such a huge part of me that I genuinely couldn’t imagine a life without it. I’ve made so many great friends on the bank and have laughed until I’ve cried with most of them. I’m lucky enough to work within the industry now, at a very progressive, exciting fishery and to spend my days surrounded by like minded people really is a thing of dreams!


Hometown:  Blackpool, Lancashire
Occupation:  Bit of everything at Clearwater Fisheries
UK PB: 37lb 4oz

EU PB: 54lb 8oz
Favourite Venue:  Whichever one is making me turn the tunes up in the car and buzz myself all the way to the lake, it's Currently Keer Lake at Clearwater.
Favourite Product: 20/20 Snugs and the Isloites in my bobbins.