Bio: I have always enjoyed the outdoors and began fishing at an early age. I started carp fishing in 2005 after the passing of my father. I used to watch him when I was younger and it was not until after that I realized how much fun carp fishing was. Up until that point I was a multi species angler and had never tried carp fishing. After catching the first one I was hooked, and 90% of my fishing is carp related now. I love to fish for carp both big and small, and take great pleasure and care no matter what I catch. One of the things I truly enjoy is helping out other anglers and I have been doing this for years through my YouTube Channel which can be found here: It’s great to see the response to my videos and they have helped anglers from all over the world. Reading about the excitement they have after catching their first carp is a very rewarding feeling. Even just giving them ideas that help them out is just as rewarding. If I can help someone land more fish I am always more than willing to help.
Of late I have been exploring new places and trying to uncover what secrets they hold. You never know what to expect in The States, so it is always a mystery. My home state boasts over 4000 lakes and the largest is almost 10,000 square miles! It would take a lifetime just to fish a small amount of those waters.
I always set goals for myself every year and hope to achieve them. In the end I have a lot of fun both on and off the bank, especially meeting new anglers on my travels. If you ever want to fish just let me know!

Hometown: Pennsylvania, U.S.A
Occupation: Pharmacy Technician
US PB: 38lb 8oz
Favourite Venue:  Anything with a scenic view
Favourite Cygnet Product:  Grand Sniper Standard Pod and Distance Sticks