Bio: I am Davy Meulenberg, 32 years old, born and raised in Den Bosch and father of a daughter of 6. Sometime around my 6th birthday, my father took me to the bank for the first time to teach me how to fish. This was mainly on roach, and later with the casting rod on other species.
However, during my teenage years I got other interests, and fishing was pushed aside. After I had finished high school, the fisherman's virus came back again, this time no more roach, but we were on the pike and zander. From polder systems to ditches, everywhere a plug or blinker was thrown in the water.
Until I was invited by my father-in-law to fish for carp on my 17th. The first bite was for me and this resulted in a beautiful mirror of 13 kg. From this moment on I was hooked and it did not take 2 weeks before I bought my first complete carp setup. Since then, carp fishing has not become a hobby of me but a part of my life.

I can really enjoy the peace in nature, and that is why I prefer to fish in remote, quiet and unknown places. But there are also times when I am looking for the hustle and bustle of circuit waters, this gives me that little extra satisfaction to succeed in my goals.

Furthermore, I try to plan 1 or 2 long sessions each year in France. Here, mainly the large reservoirs are being fished.

Hometown: 's Hertogenbosch
Favourite Venue: Public lakes
EU PB: 21 kg
Favourite Cygnet Product:  Old Skool Bobbins