Bio: I've been a carp angler since the age of ten, when I hooked my first carp whilst out fishing with my Dad locally. Later that year I attended the Tony Parsons Memorial event on the Linear complex, where I fished with Roger Seaton and Frank Warwick, and managed to land my first 20lb carp! After that day I was totally hooked.

At 12 years old I attended the first Korda Carp Academy and got to fish with Dave Gawthorn, who certainly knows a thing or two about match fishing, being a former BCAC champion. After this I began fishing the British Young Carpers’ Angling Championship (BYCAC) event and made it to the final in every year I competed. Each year I competed in the BYCAC event I learnt more, it helped me improve as an angler. With lots of practise I was fortunate enough to be crowned BYCAC champion in 2010 at the age of 16. Since then my angling career has blossomed and managed to obtain the support of Korda, Baitworks, Cotswold Rods, Trakker and now Cygnet as sponsors.

I think my strongest asset is my versatility, as I am more than at home fishing long range, though I also love a spot of ‘up close and personal’ work, such as stalking or floater fishing.

I still love carp match fishing and angling on busy day ticket waters, though I also enjoy taking on big low-stocked venues in the Cotswolds.

I work full-time and love my job, it makes me appreciate the separation that my work gives me from my fishing. I think it’s important to have that, it makes me even more eager to get back on the bank and ensures that I focus 100% as I know I have only got a limited time to angle.

Hometown: Bristol

Occupation: Electricians mate 

UK PB: 37lb 7oz

Favourite venues: Linear Fisheries complex, Horseshoe and a syndicate lake in the Cotswolds 

Favourite product: Easylift Weigh Staff and Indicators