Bio: I began fishing at the ripe old age of twelve, catching perch and tench from the local pond. Later I progressed to fishing for chub on the Retford canal and bream bashing on Underbank Reservoir, along with the occasional trip to the mighty River Trent. I caught my first carp in 1979 at Shireoaks, near Worksop, and what an impressive beast it was. A beautiful scaly mirror of around 4lb. I began fishing exclusively for carp in 1982/3, inspired by the writings of Kevin Maddocks and Rod Hutchinson and I have never looked back since.

Hometown: Sheffield

Occupation: Returns / Repairs for Trakker / Cygnet

UK PB: Kinky Back Common (Size is irrelevant)

Favourite venue: Baston fen

Favourite Cygnet product: I'm struggling here, I can't just pick one. I absolutely love my Clinga Indicators, the catapult is the best I've ever used and I couldn't be without my 20/20 sticks and bars.