Bio: I've been fishing since I was around 12 years of age, it all started out on the local match lakes catching silvers, but after a couple of sessions doing so, I saw my first carp whilst walking past the 'carp lake' on the complex. From that moment I've been carp fishing whenever and wherever I can! Around 2 years later I managed my first twenty, which also happened to be the biggest carp in the lake.

I have been fishing the Ringwood club and their waters, starting off on one of the smaller pits I enjoyed catching some amazing fish, as well as some great socials! After 2 years I caught my target from that water and the lakes gem at 39lb 14oz. Since then I have been targeting a large gravel pit, in my first year I managed two 40lb commons, and then to have mirrors of 37lb and 45lb the year after was an unreal buzz, and i'm still on there now.

Hometown: Salisbury, Wiltshire 

Occupation: Landscaper

UK PB: 45lb 3oz 

Favourite Venue: Ringwood club water

Favourite Product: White Standard Indicators