Bio: I first got in to angling when I was seven years old thanks to my Grandfather, teaching me how to fish on the banks of the glorious River Itchen close to my home. I later got in to carp angling, enjoying the social side of the carping scene, but as my time available shortened due to family and work commitments, I went back to my routes and began targeting various species. I enjoy targeting a number of species as I find it very challenging and refreshing, as i'm always fishing new venues and often switch venues from one week to the next to help target my intended species. I often change the species i'm targeting depending on the season to help increase my chances of catching whichever specimen I intend to target, it definitely beats getting involved in the rat race, competing for swims on some of the busier carp waters around my area. I enjoy my own angling a lot more now-a-days as I have to plan out my sessions to suit my time available. In turn, this makes me think and fish a lot harder than I had done in the past with more time at my disposal. Since doing this i've actually managed to increase my catch rate and I just enjoy the journey along the way.


Hometown: Southampton

Occupation: Precision Engineer

UK PBs: 

Carp - 33lb 8oz 

Roach (river) - 2lb 8oz

Rudd - 3lb

Tench - 10lb 8oz

Bream - 10lb

Crucian carp - 4lb 2oz

Perch - 4lb

Eel - 6lb 

Grayling - 2lb 1oz

Chub - 5lb 

Barbel - 15lb 8oz

Favourite Venue: River Itchen.

Favourite Cygnet Product: Sniper Banksticks and Snugs Buzzer Bars.