Bio: I am someone who loves a challenge and a sense of adventure in life, for me this started in my youth in the form of BMX and Surf, and quickly filtered into my angling. I have a passion for tricky waters, thriving on the challenges they provide and the thought process they provoke. This could be due to being a rich water with a low stock, its size, or accessibility. These waters will always hold fish with some form of history, it's not always about the size, but more the looks and nature of individual carp, with some of them being on the missing list for years at a time.
When it comes to trying to outwit these wily old creatures, it’s up close and personal where I get a major buzz, watching, and learning there personalities and ultimately catching them in the edge. With only having limited time on the bank a stalking/mobile approach plays a huge part in my angling.

Home town: Beverley - East Yorkshire.
Occupation: Sticky Baits Marketing / Media.
UK PB: 50lb 4oz 
Favourite Venue: A tricky old Yorkshire pit I'm fishing at present.
Favourite Product: The Clinga range of indication.