Bio: I was drawn to the sport from an early age, with the usual story of being taken fishing as a youngster, enjoying it more each year that passed. Living in Leicestershire, I had access to some great venues which all helped me learn how to fish a variety of different methods and tactics. As I got more confident in my angling, I began to enter junior carp events (BYCAC) along with my brother, and some good friends from our local area, something we’d all look forward to on a yearly basis. From this competition style of angling I learned a lot, especially enjoying the frantic action of busy day ticket style venues.

Wanting to learn more, I took to fishing a variety of other venues which allowed me to meet lots of different types of anglers, along with more great friends and eventually opening the door to working within the manufacturing side of carp fishing.

I’m currently living in Sheffield, where I work for Trakker Products, involved with European marketing, and although they say that carp fishing up north isn’t great, there’s some awesome carp to chase down in some very unlikely locations, this is another style of carp fishing that I’m working on perfecting!

Hometown: Loughborough
Occupation: European Marketing Support
UK PB: 34lb odd
Favourite Venue: Currently the Sheffield canal
Favourite Cygnet Product: Specialist Tripod and the 12m Baiting Pole