Bio: I’ve been fishing for as long as I care to remember, starting out at the age of 5 on the mighty River Trent, which I loved, and it just grew from there, pleasure angling and catching whatever would take my bait. In my teens I spent the school summer holidays surface fishing for carp on local venues, including an awesome park lake, but my carp fishing really kicked in once I passed my driving test at 17. I began to venture a little further a-field to fish all-out carp waters, spending my time fishing large day-ticket pits around the Notts and Lincolnshire area, yet I was still fishing them with minimal time due to playing a lot of football too. Most of the time I could only get to the lakes midweek by about 7pm and then have to set off for 6am to get back to work, when the fish weren’t playing ball it could really take its toll, though it made me more enthusiastic to get back down again. Becoming the editor of Crafty Carper magazine gave me the opportunity to become good friends with a lot of very good anglers, who I have learned a lot from along the way, while also getting the opportunity to fish some amazing venues too, which I would very likely have never even stepped foot upon otherwise.

I still fish on very limited time, managing to get a day session in here and there, often having to be quite opportunistic when I am out on the bank filming, so it’s hard to have a specific target water or fish. I just enjoy what I catch, no matter how big or small and rely a lot on staying mobile and moving around a lake, doing lap after lap until an opportunity presents itself. I simply won’t take the chance of blanking by sitting a full day in one swim, hoping that it comes right, and doing long sessions and potentially boring them out has never been my cup of tea. My wife, Kirsty loves to do a spot of carping too after getting her into it some years ago, and now we have a little boy, Jake, who is 3, it’s been hard to get time on the bank together, though Jake's now got his own little 4m whip and has been absolutely loving spending an hour or two bagging up on silvers, so I don’t think it will be long now until Kirsty dusts her rods off again and we all spend some time having fun on the bank.

Hometown: Sheffield

Occupation: Cygnet Brand Manager

UK PB: 31lb

Favourite Venue: It’s got to be a very old lake I’m currently fishing, though I was blown away when I got the opportunity to fish the famous Withy Pool on a guestie.

Favourite Cygnet Product: It’s hard to pick just one, I’d have to say that I’m torn between the Baiting Pole and the Long Range indicators.